caroline de roy




Caroline de Roy is a visual artist based in Amsterdam where she graduated from the Rietveld Academy. Caroline’s work is driven by reflections on the fact that individuals do not determine where and how they are born nor choose their mental or physical state, though it determines


For 10 years she created  site-specific socially engaged projects with an anthropological approach to the subject matter.

In her free work she uses transparent materials that are functioning like a skin, like a border to a country: tangible yet inaccessible, revealing and at the same time concealing, connecting yet separating.


Being concerned about the worlds enormous waste problem and so far having used mainly non-degradable materials herself she started researching alternative eco-friendly material solutions such as mycelium. An opportunity generously offered by Officina Corpuscoli, University of Utrecht and Mediamatic.


As no thing is meant to last forever, it is interesting to imagine that after a specific time sculptures made of bio-degradable materials can go back to earth, vanish and reappear in a different matter.


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